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    You garage door is opened and closed multiple times in a day and thousands of times a year.

    Every time you open or close your garage door, it is the door’s springs that take the weight of the door.

    None of us usually pay attention to those springs – until they are broken or damaged.

    And then we pay attention because we can no longer open or close our garage doors.

    If your garage door springs have been damaged in any way, then the only option is to have them replaced.

    At this point, we would like to caution you that garage door springs are an extremely dangerous part of your garage door system, and it is best to let an experienced garage door company like ours to handle the replacement.

    Orlando FL Garage Doors is a company that has the experience, training and expertise to handle such jobs.

    So, do contact us immediately for your garage doors spring replacement.

    Signs that Your Garage Door Spring is Broken or Damaged

    Here are some of the signs that will tell you that your garage doors’ spring is broken:

    • Your garage door is not responding when you press the remote or the open button on your keypad.

    While there could be a problem with the opener, chances are that it’s the spring that is causing the issue.

    • Your garage door cables are loose.

    Normally, these cables are tight, however, if the springs are a problem, then they will loosen, tangle or even break.

    • The garage door is really heavy.

    Without the support from the springs, garage doors will be too heavy to move.

    • If you feel your garage door is not functioning properly then you can check the springs.

    If they are broken, you will actually see the gap or the break.

    • You garage door is skewed.

    Instead of being straight, they will be misaligned towards the side that the spring is broken.

    • Most of the time, when a garage door spring breaks, you will hear a loud noise – a huge popping sound.

    Along with this noise, you will find it really difficult to operate your garage door.

    • Typically, when you operate your garage door, it will open and close smoothly.

    However, when the spring breaks, you will find that your garage door’s movement becomes jerky.

    • This one is a sign of real danger – if the garage door closes too quickly.

    Almost as if it is slamming down. This is the time you need to call a garage door technician immediately.

    • The top of your garage door may start sagging.

    This is because the spring is broken and therefore your door is not being held up properly.

    Once again, if this is the case, it is time for your garage door repair work.

    Can I Do My Own Garage Door Spring Replacement?

    We would strongly advise against this course of action.

    Springs have extremely high tension.

    This means that when they break, there is a massive release of tension taking place.

    This can cause the spring to shoot out of its place with great force.

    When this happens, that spring can cause a great deal of damage and even life-threatening injuries.

    This is why garage door spring replacement jobs should only be undertaken by qualified professionals.

    We can add that it is okay for you to carefully inspect your garage door in case of a malfunction, but please do not try to fix the problem yourself.

    Call Orlando FL Garage Doors

    There are many good reasons to call upon our services.

    First, we are a team of certified and trained professionals who have decades worth of experience together.

    We know how important it is to have a functional garage door, so we ensure that we are always available to offer our services to you.

    We are very transparent about our prices – there are no hidden charges.

    We offer one of the best garage door services in Orlando.

    We offer the entire range of services, from garage door installation, to garage door repairs and even garage door replacements.

    We make it a point to educate all our customers on how to take care of their garage doors.

    So, if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner, then call Orlando FL Garage Doors.

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