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    Garage door cables are critical to the smooth functioning of your garage doors.

    If anything happens to these cables, then you will face a lot of problems with your garage doors.

    Call Us for Garage Door Cable Repairs

    Before we explain why these cables are so important, we need to emphasize the importance of calling in professional garage door services in Orlando for any kind garage door repair work.

    Garage door cable repairs are dangerous and need the sure and experienced touch of professionals like us.

    Our garage door company consists of a team of certified technicians who are trained to fix such dangerous problems.

    That is why if you have a problem with your garage door’s cables, call us at Orlando FL Garage Doors immediately. Our team is on call to make sure that your garage doors work safely and efficiently at all times.

    Why Are Garage Door Cables So Important?

    Your garage door cables are attached to the garage doors from top to bottom, and they are connected to high-tension springs.

    These springs are what pull up and close your garage doors, and make them seem light enough for you to lift those doors easily.

    The cables help the springs with the lifting and shutting operation, and the type of cable used in your garage door depends on the type of springs used – and how heavy your garage doors are.

    If the springs break or get damaged, the cables prevent them from shooting out with great force (remember, they are extremely high-tension springs) and damaging your property or injuring someone.

    Reasons for Garage Door Cable Damage

    Given below are the main reasons why garage door cables get damaged:

    • The main reason for garage door cable repair is simply wear and tear that takes place over time.
    • Another reason is because of broken or weak springs.

    These two components work together, and a broken spring means that cables will become loose, tangle up or even break.

    • A mismatch between cables and the drums.

    Cable drums are matched to specific cable sizes. So, if the cable is the wrong size, it could simply slip out of its drum and get damaged.

    • The wrong cable strength can also lead to damage.

    Cables need to be chosen based on the weight of the garage doors.

    If the garage doors are heavier than the cables’ strength rating, then you are looking at damaged and broken cables.

    • Your garage door cables were not installed correctly.

    This is a massively dangerous situation, which is why it is important to get only the best garage door installation services.

    How Do I Know that My Garage Door Cable is a Problem?

    Here are some signs that your garage door cables have a problem:

    • Your garage door alignment is off. You will actually be able to see the misalignment and hear scraping sounds when you operate your garage doors.
    • You garage door has become noisy when opening and closing, but when you check you cannot find anything wrong.
    • Garage door cables should be tight. If they are loose, then that’s another warning.
    • There may be a burnt smell every time you operate your garage door – it could be damaged bearings that are causing your cables to get damaged.
    • Your garage door does not operate smoothly any more – it is either jerky or maybe even stops completely.
    • There may even be sign of damage on your cables.

    If you notice any of these issues, then call us immediately.

    What We Offer

    If you have a problem with your door cables, our garage door technicians carry out a complete check of your garage doors to ensure there are no other problems. This check includes:

    • Checking the condition of the garage door opener
    • Checking the auto sensors
    • Checking the auto-reverse feature of your garage doors
    • Checking the balance of your garage doors
    • Checking the condition of the garage door springs
    • Checking the condition of the tracks, rollers and bearings
    • Checking on the overall condition of the garage doors

    We do this because an issue with any one of these components could be the reason why your cables could be impacted.

    So, if you are looking for top-notch garage door services in Orlando, then give Orlando FL Garage Doors a call.

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