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    Today, garage door installation means including an automatic garage door opening system.

    Automatic garage door openers make life so much easier.

    You don’t have to do the manual work of getting out of your car and lifting and closing your garage door every time you need to go out or come back.

    Automatic openers are also safer – not just from a home security perspective, but also from a personal safety perspective.

    But what happens if that garage door automatic opener breaks down?

    It is necessary to call for a repair service like ours to carry out your garage door automatic opener repair.

    Why Should You Get Your Garage Door Automatic Opener Repaired?

    Leaving your automatic garage door opener unrepaired for even a short period of time is very dangerous.

    A faulty automatic opener can cause damage to other components of your garage door if it is left unrepaired.

    This in turn can lead to life-threateningly dangerous situations such as the entire garage door falling down.

    If that happens, then the only option you may have left is a new garage door installation, which will be much more expensive.

    When Should You Call Orlando FL Garage Doors?

    If your door opener is not opening or closing your garage door properly, it means there is a problem and it is time to call a garage door repair service.

    Before you call our garage door company, there are a few things you can check for yourself.

    If these simple troubleshooting steps can fix your problem, then you can save yourself time and effort – and money!

    • Check the remote battery. Sometimes, a simple battery change will fix your problem.
    • It could also be that your wireless remote control is out of range. If you move close to your garage door, then maybe it will work.
    • If the garage door does not work when you hit the wall switch, then there could be a power interruption. Check to see if any of the power cords are unplugged.
    • Check the photo eyes, the sensors.

    These are usually located at the bottom on either side of your garage doors.

    They will not be more than 6 inches above the ground.

    If the sensors’ lights are blinking, that means they are misaligned, you can turn them to face each other.

    Also check to see if there is any dirt on them – or even spiderwebs.

    This will cause the sensors to malfunction.

    If your garage doors are working properly after you clean the photo eyes and realign them, then you’re good to go.

    If your troubleshooting did not get you any positive results and your garage door opener is still not functioning properly, then it’s time to step back.

    The automatic opener is one of the more complicated components of a garage door, and it is best not to try DIY solutions if you are not qualified to do so.

    This is when you simply call Orlando FL Garage Doors, one of the best garage door services in Orlando, and we will take care of your problem.

    What We Can Do for You?

    We at Orlando FL Garage Doors have the expertise and the experience to handle any kind of problem you may be facing with your automatic garage door openers. We carry out repairs on all types of garage door openers:

    • Screw Drive Trolley Belt
    • Drive Trolley Openers
    • Chain Drive Trolley Openers
    • Side Mount Trolley Openers

    The first thing we do when we arrive is carry out a complete diagnostic check of your garage door system.

    While it may be that it is only the opener that is faulty, it is safer to check everything. If a garage door system is too old, then it may actually be more cost-effective – and safer – to opt for a completely new garage door installation.

    Once we have carried out our diagnostic check, we will let you know exactly what the problem is – and thanks to technology and our expertise, such repairs will not take long.

    We will also provide you with multiple solutions, each with an estimate on how much it will cost, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

    So, if you have any issues with your garage door automatic opener, then call Orlando FL Garage Doors, and we will be there to help you.



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