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    Our garage doors are one of the most prominent parts of our homes, the first thing we see when we approach our homes.

    This structure is also one of the most used and also the most neglected part of our homes.

    Garage doors provide very real security to our homes – besides keeping our vehicles safe and out of the elements.

    These doors that protect our havens are also opened and closed thousands of times in a year.

    Which means that over the years, they wear out, or one of their components wear out.

    When this happens, you will need to call in a garage door company to carry out repairs, or even replace your old garage doors.

    Types of Garage Door Repairs

    A garage door is made up of numerous components, and if any one of them wears out, gets damaged or breaks, then the entire garage door system is at risk.

    Here are some of the most common types of garage door repairs we at Orlando FL Garage Doors carry out:

    • Broken Spring Repair
    • Opener Repair and Replacement
    • Track Repair and Replacement
    • Fixing an Off-Track Door
    • Broken or Loose Cable Repair or Replacement
    • Garage Door Panel Replacement or Repair
    • New Garage Door Installation
    • Garage Door Opener Repair or Replacement
    • Garage Door Motor Repair or Replacement
    • Repair or Replacement of Garage Door Rollers
    • Repair or Replacement of Garage Door Remote Control or Keypad
    • Programming or Reprogramming Smart Garage Door Opener

    We need to emphasize how important it is that you do not attempt any of these garage door repairs on your own.

    A damaged garage door is a dangerous piece of equipment.

    Say, for example, the garage door spring breaks.

    This spring is so tightly wound that them it breaks, it makes a loud popping noise, and it can sometimes fly out of its place with such force that it can cause a lot of damage to objects or can even grievously injure a living being.

    So, even if you do know the mechanics of a garage door, it would best to leave the repair and replacement work to garage door technicians like us.

    We know the dangers of handling faulty garage doors.

    And we have the expertise to handling such dangers. Which is why it would be best if you call us at Orlando FL Garage Doors in case you need any repair services for your garage doors.

    Maintenance Services for Garage Doors

    Besides repair services, we also carry out regular maintenance services for your garage doors.

    If we take care of our garage doors just as we do the rest of our home, we can lengthen the life span of our garage doors by years.

    This is why we recommend that all garage doors go through regular maintenance checks at least once a year.

    It is much better to do this and catch a minor issue before it becomes a major problem.

    Regular maintenance will ensure that your costs actually come down, since you don’t wait until the parts of your garage door are so worn out or damaged that they cause damage to other parts of the system.

    We can also teach you how to carry out a few simple maintenance activities on your garage doors such as oiling the tracks regularly, checking the condition of your cables and springs, keeping an ear out for out of the ordinary noises during garage door operation, and so on.

    This way, you will be able to nip the problem in the bud and carry out minor garage door repair work regularly so that your garage doors remain operational and efficient as long as possible.

    You Can Trust Us

    Orlando FL Garage Doors is one of the top garage door services in Orlando because of our commitment to offering top quality work, whether it is carrying repairs on your garage doors or doing a brand-new garage door installation.

    So, if you are looking for a partner to help preserve your garage door in top condition, then contact us and well will be there to serve you.

    Our team of garage door technicians are among the best, each certified and trained, with years of experience in this industry.


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