A Guide To Replacing Garage Door Opener Battery

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    Garage Door Opener Battery

    You come home from a hectic day at work and stop your car in front of the garage door only to find that your remote is not working.

    You have spent quite a few bucks on installing an automatic garage door system.

    But the system appears not to be working as you thought.

    Not again, you say to yourself.

    Automatic garage doors are meant to make your life easier, not harder.

    So you get out of your car, dial in the pin at the keypad, and wonder what in the world went wrong with your remote.

    So you consider spending a few extra dollars to buy a new remote.

    But hold on.

    Don’t invest in a new remote just yet.

    Chances are that you can salvage your old remote just by replacing garage door opener battery.

    It is a very simple, straightforward process.

    Learn the steps involved with Orlando-FL Garage Doors and make your life a lot easier.

    How does the Door Opener Remote Work?

    Before we go into the nitty gritty of replacing a door opener’s battery, it is important to know how the remote works.

    As the name implies, a garage door opener is used when you have to automatically open the door from the comfort of your car.

    The remote device sends a signal via a transmitter to a sensor placed on the garage door itself.

    A code is also received alongside the signal to complete the process.

    If the code on both the transmitter and the receiver match, then the door will open.

    This is done so that your garage door remote cannot be used to access different kinds of doors.

    A failing battery in the transmitter will not be able to effectively send out the signal, thus causing your remote to malfunction.

    It is also worth mentioning here that the garage door remote comprises a variety of batteries if you open its underside.

    These are generally small metallic, button-like batteries.

    It is important to know what kind of battery you are replacing.

    Replacing Garage Door Opener Battery- Step By Step

    As mentioned earlier, before attempting to replace the remote battery, it is quite important to know the battery type.

    Generally, watch batteries of 9V are the ones you would have to replace.

    Here is how you do it.

    Take Off The Battery Cover

    You will need to take off the cover of the remote to expose the battery.

    This can be done by either pressing down the cover or sliding it backward.

    Or you can use a screwdriver to unscrew the cover if it’s attached that way.

    Determine The Battery Type

    As we said earlier, it is important to know what type of battery you are replacing.

    Take off the lid and read the labels of the remote’s old batteries.

    The labels will tell you the size and type of the battery.

    You could also take the old battery to a hardware store and ask for its replacement.

    Replace the Battery

    Now, you can start with the replacement process of the battery.

    Before doing that, we suggest cleaning the battery compartment to get rid of any gunk or rust.

    After you have done so, place the new batteries in the compartment.

    Make sure to place it with the right labels.

    That is, do not mix the positive with the negative terminal or vice versa.

    After you have correctly placed the battery, cover it back up or screw it, depending on how you uncovered it.


    Once you have successfully done the aforementioned stuff. it is time to reprogram the battery.

    In certain cases, your remote may not need to be reprogrammed, and it can be used as it is.

    Reprogramming options generally come alongside the user manual of instructions.

    For new models of garage door opener remotes, the reprogramming process is quite straightforward.

    All you need to do is press the “learn” button that comes with the remote and pair it back to the opener.

    In case you have older remotes, the process could be a little time-consuming.

    A garage door repair expert can help you out; call us today!

    The Bottom Line

    If you are still unsure of the way to proceed with replacing garage door opener, we suggest that you watch the video here.

    If you need additional assistance with your garage door, we suggest contacting us at Orlando-FL Garage Doors.

    Orlando FL Garage Door provides garage door services at very affordable rates.

    We have a highly professional team of the most skilled technicians who are available around the hours to give you the service you need.

    We can help you, not just with replacing garage door opener battery but also with a lot of other repair services—so let us know what you need!

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