How to do garage door panel replacement

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    How to do garage door panel replacement

    When the garage doors and their panel become damaged, the owner must decide whether to replace the whole door or just the panel.

    Often, people believe that just replacing the panel will save money in.

    However, this fix may cost more in the long run as they’ll have to replace individual panels more frequently.

    The following is a quick guide discussing when it’s time to replace garage door panels and when you might need an entirely new garage door.

    However, before we start, please remember that you should never install a panel by yourself – always contact professionals at Orlando-FL Garage Doors.

    If any of the above cases sound familiar to you, your best option is to reach out to a garage door company in Orlando, FL.

    How to Know when It’s Time to Replace a Garage Door Panel

    So, you’ve only dented/damaged one garage door panel…

    • If your garage door is less than a decade old.
    • A single damaged garage door panel is an eyesore.
    • If your door has been severely damaged in an accident or storm, you may need to replace the entire panel.
    • If one panel is severely cracked or warped, replacement of the whole section might be necessary.
    • If several panels have minor dents and scratches that can’t be easily repaired.
    • If you only use your garage for storing items, it might be more cost-effective to replace a single panel rather than the whole door.

    How Often Do You Need a Replacement of Your Garage Door?

    • There is a lot of peeling or cracked paint on the garage door.
    • The model of your garage door cannot support the purchase or installation of single panels.
    • Multiple panels have dents.

    How You Can Replace a Garage Door Panel Quickly and Effectively

    A garage door is the most crucial element of your house.

    It offers security and privacy for your belongings, helps to keep your home energy efficient, and more.

    It can be a significant pain if something’s wrong with your garage door.

    One frequent problem that homeowners have is a broken or damaged garage door panel.

    At this moment, we will show you how to replace a garage door panel step-by-step.

    1. The first step is to take off the old panel.

    To do so, remove the screws or bolts holding it in place.

    Then, you should be able to pull the panel away from the door.

    1. Once you have the new panel, double-check that it is identical in size to the original.

    If there are measurement discrepancies, the panel won’t fit snugly and may not work.

    1. The third step is to install the new panel by putting it in place and then screwing or bolt it into secure.

    Ensure that the new panel is reliable before continuing to the next step.

    1. The last step is to test your new panel.

    After installing it, open and close the garage door several times to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

    You don’t need to be a professional handyman to replace a garage door panel.

    Anyone can do it if you can follow four easy steps and have some basic knowledge of using tools!

    The next time you need a new garage door panel, try replacing it yourself instead of calling someone for help.

    You might be pleasantly surprised at how simple the process is.

    Tips for Replacing a Garage Door Panel

    Before you can replace a garage door panel, make sure to note the door’s model, size, and color.

    • You will also need to identify which part of the garage door panel replacement is needed – whether it is the top, bottom, or middle section.
    • While purchasing the parts and fixing your garage door on your own might be cheaper, this is not advised.
    • Garage doors are finicky machines that need proper care to function correctly and keep you safe.
    • A single mistake while garage door repair could even toke risks for you and your loved ones.
    • A broken spring puts you at risk.
    • If a panel is misplaced or not aligned correctly, the door may malfunction and cause it to fall off its tracks.
    • When a door becomes stuck or slow, our natural response is to push or pull it to make it move again; however, this action often leads to additional problems and potential injuries.

    These injuries can occur regardless of your experience level.

    Always contact a professional to install or replace your garage door to avoid these dangerous consequences.

    They should start by inspecting and assessing the door to provide you with a complete estimate of the work necessary to repair it.

    Final Words

    If you still need to decide, please contact Orlando-FL Garage Doors.

    Look no further if you’re searching for a reliable garage door company in the Orlando, FL!

    We will assist you with any questions about how to do garage door panel replacement.

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