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    Garage Door Technician in Orlando FL

    A working garage door is a hassle-free garage door.

    And for homes where a garage door is frequently used, it is truly a blessing.

    Maintain your garage door frequently to avoid a problem.

    Using your garage door properly, cleaning the panels and tracks, and lubricating any hinges and joints—all of these are examples of ways you can keep your garage door working smoothly.

    If you suspect a faulty garage door or see it, make sure to call a garage door service.

    As garage door technician in Orlando, FL, we have experts on board, armed with the right tools and knowledge to repair or replace your garage door.

    Call us today for expert garage door services.

    Also, let’s take a look at some of the garage door issues so that you can stay informed.

    Common Garage Door Repairs – Problems & Solutions

    Malfunctioning Rollers

    When the garage door opens and closes, it actually runs on tracks supported by rollers (small wheels at intervals).

    If your garage door does not open and closes smoothly, the likely reasons are:

    • One or more rollers have come off the tracks.
    • One or more rollers are jammed or broken.
    • The tracks have too much dirt and other debris.

    Other than a lag in its function, other signs of faulty garage door rollers include a lot of noise when you use the door.

    A garage door company technician will inspect tracks and rollers to figure out if it needs a cleanup or lubrication, roller realignment, or replacement work.

    Check out our guide on Garage Door Roller Replacement.

    Broken Torsion Springs

    Your garage door is held in place while opening and closing by springs.

    This wind and unwind while pulling and lowering the door.

    Detecting a broken garage door is pretty easy (unless you’re not home).

    The reason is snap of the broken spring makes a loud noise.

    If the garage door is open when the spring breaks, the door can slam shut.

    And this is quite dangerous if someone or something is present below it.

    If your garage door spring is broken, DO NOT try opening the garage door manually, as you may hurt yourself.

    Call a garage door service and wait till the springs are fixed before you try to get in the garage.

    Faulty/Damaged Cables

    There are cables running on either side of garage doors that connect the base of the door to the top so that the door can be pulled up.

    Over time, due to wear and tear, these cables can get frayed and eventually break.

    If your door is sagging on one side as it opens and seems on the verge of falling shut, chances are that the cable on that side is broken.

    If the door slams shut as soon as it opens, the cables on both sides of the door are most likely broken.

    You need replacement cable installed correctly by an experienced garage door technician.

    At Orlando-FL Garage Doors, we have the tools and skills to give you a top-notch garage door cable repair and replacement service.

    Door Reopens When Shut

    If your garage door opens back up when it’s closed, there are two possibilities.

    One, the sensors are not aligned properly.

    If the sensors are not at the proper height and not at the same level, the door may sense something is blocking it.

    As a result, it will keep reopening.

    Secondly, the door’s limits are out of sync, and it senses that it’s hitting an object rather than the ground.

    Think of it as an elevator door that reopens if there’s someone in the way, as the door senses an obstruction before it covers the distance to closing.

    In either case, you need the expertise of a garage door tech who can fix the sensors or realign the door limit settings.

    Door Stays Shut (Regardless Of No Faulty Parts)

    Say the springs, rollers, cables, and sensors are all correct—then the problem may be the power supply.

    An electrical fault, such as a blown breaker or a power supply cutoff, maybe the reason the door is not opening.

    You can get this problem resolved with either an electrician or a garage door technician’s help.

    Hire a professional depending on the nature of the issue.

    Keep Your Garage Door Working Smoothly

    Now that you know the problems that occur in a garage door, you can keep an eye out for these.

    With regular garage door maintenance, you can minimize the need for frequent visits for a technician.

    However, a garage door should be checked by a pro once or twice a year for safety.

    This way, you will catch any possible faults to avoid extensive repair work.

    Give a call to Orlando-FL Garage Doors, and we will send a licensed technician your way.

    Also, if you found this information helpful, visit our website.

    As garage door technician in Orlando, FL, we have tons of facts and guides for you to learn more about garage door maintenance.

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